Hanging Battery Type Solar Street Lights

It is the Design with battery hanging on pole some height, widely applied in lighting highway; roads; bridges; pedestrian streets and other occasions where good lighting effect is required.

Hot-Selling Designs Based On Solar Radiation 5.0KWH + Promotion Mark
Solar street lighting system –Hanging Battery Type Design Details:

Pole Height: 4M;5M;6M;7M;8M;9M;10M;12M,
Material: plastic coated on hot-dip galvanized steel pole, anti-rust and wind.
Applicable light source: LED: 9W; 15W, 18W; 20W;24W, 30W, 35W, 36W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 56W, 60W; 70W, 80W, 100W, 120W
Solar Panel: 30W-300W Hi-efficient solar modules.(1PC,2PC,4PC)
Microcomputer automatic controller: over-charging and over-discharging protection
Battery: 38AH-250AH, Fully-sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery/Gelled. (1PC, 2PC, 4PC)
Lighting hours: 11-12 Hrs/Night, 3-7 backup rainy days
We can design and make the OEM according to your requirements. Half-Power working is available for Energy-saving and Cost-saving.

6M Pole 36W LED;
6M Pole 45W LED;
8M Pole 60W LED;
8M Pole 80W LED;
10M Pole 100W LED;

Pls ask us the discounted price after choosing your wanted design and checking your quantity,

Remote Function Is Available With Remote Controllers. The Remote Controlling Distance Can Be 10 Meters With Good Effect.
Energy Working Mode Is Available. Like 100% +50% Power Or Other Power.


1.Effective Prevention from Thievery
2.Better for Ventilation and Heat Dissipation
3.Prevention from Rainwater Accumulation, Flood, Big Rain