Poly And Mono Solar Modules

Solar Modules is made up of high quality solar cell with high efficiency and transmission rate, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVE, high flame resistant TPT/BBT and anodized aluminum alloy.
Manufacturing with IEC61215 standard, could widely used in solar power station, building, solar street lighting, traffic, etc
The Solar Modules has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts solar energy into an electrical current. A solar panel's effectiveness depends on the size and quality of the solar cell and the transparency of the protective cover/glass.
Its Merits: High efficiency, Long life, Easy installation,

There are 2 types of solar modules: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon type solar modules.
Mono Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules
Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules.


Limited Warranty: Details, Download 18.1
Workmanship for 5 years,90% of minimum power output over 12 years,80% over 20 years. The solar panels are manufactured in according to the IEC61215 Standards.
Lifespan:20-25 Years

Quality Controlling For Marked Solar Modules:
A. Before production
-Control of raw material before use
-Data recording of raw material→products traceability
B. During production
-Control at each step of production
-Validation of each step by quality controllers
C. After production
-Systematic flash test on each PV modules
-Quality control with IEC compliance
-Tests in our facility testing
-Optional: Third party inspection before shipment if needing.


Some Popular Solar Modules Models For Choosing  Download 18.2-----18.9
Mono 125*125 Cell Power 80W-100W; Mono 156*156 Cell Power 130W-150W;
Mono 125*125 Cell Power 160W-200W;Mono 156*156 Cell Power 240W-260W;
Mono 156*156 Cell Power 250W-300W

Poly 156*156 Cell Power 130W-150W;Poly 156*156 Cell Power 240W-260W;
Poly 156*156 Cell Power 250W-300W;