Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights

Advantage of Lithium Battery Solar Street Lights :
A.)Good Design. It is a solar street light combining PV panel with lithium batteries. Electricity is generated from solar energy by the high efficiency solar PV panels and stored in the lithium batteries attached to the back of the panel. This can then be used to power the high brightness LED lights for approximately 12 hours in the night *3-4 overcast weather days.
B.)Reduces impact on the environment through the use of lithium batteries
Unlike common models which required separately installed large lead batteries, the Lithium Solar Street Light is small and refined, and the lead-free design reduces its impact on the environment.
C.)The solar panel, lithium batteries and LED Lamps are low-maintenance and have a long operating life
Unlike common models which used lead-acid batteries, the new model is more environmentally friendly. The charge and discharge rate of the lithium batteries is also 1.5 times that of lead acid batteries, allowing you to use the energy more efficiently.
The operating lifespan of the lithium battery power source is over 10 years*4 , reducing maintenance costs, such a battery exchange, possible. The operational life span of the solar panel is over 20 years, and the LED lights 80000 hours, If operating for 12 hours a day at 100% rating, approx. 18 years.