Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lights

Features of Wind And Solar Street Lights:
Two charging mode solar street lights are designed into one combined system, if there is sunlight but no wind energy, the solar panel can charges the battery, meanwhile, if there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can charge the battery. If both wind & solar energy is good enough, both can charge the battery.

Advantage of Wind Turbine Solar Hybrid Street Lights

A.Generating power day and night with solar panel generate electricity from the sun in the day and solar wind turbine from the wind in the day and also in the night, Integration Solar and Wind Energy to make the solar street lights works more stable. 


B. Balance seasonal power output difference of wind and solar
C. Independent system, no city grid cable needed
D. Longer battery life
E. Easy installation, simple operation, applicable in majority of roads
F. Intelligent lighting control system, maintenance free

Major Applications Of Wind Solar Hybrid Street Lights
A. Highway; B. Main road of City; C. School campus road; D. Sidewalk; E. Pathway; F. Farm & ranches lighting
G. Villa lighting; H. Landscape lighting - park, square etc. I. Especially Used For Those Areas With Good Wind Energy