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Thermosyphonic water heaters

All inclusive Compact systems incorporate the solar tank, panel, stand and connection kit.

System is in full conformity with EN-12976

Different tank and panel configurations are designed and delivered according to customer preferences.



Asset series solar Water heaters are manufactured to perfection to acquire peak level of performance from the sun.
In addition to high quality and standard performance features for Ouraset thermosyphon systems, Asset series are engineered to maximize the performance in cold and cloudy climates. Thanks to its Premium (AA series) collectors that utilize highly selective absorbers, prismatic low-iron glass, asset series will let you enjoy the yearlong uninterrupted hot Water in any climate zone.


- Indirect Thermosyphon System with pressure

- Peak  performance in all Climatic Zones

- System Solar Keymark certified according to EN 12976

- Premium selective collectors, enatech® enamel tank


Ecoset series compact systems are designed to reach the optimum  cost–performance balance. These systems are especially engineered to perform maintenance free in mild climatic zones. AES collector series with its black solar paint on copper absorbers and enatech® porcelain enamel coated tanks will raise your expectations from a solar water heating system.

- Indirect Thermosyphon System with pressure

- Excellent performance in the Mediterranean Climatic Zone

- System Solar Keymark certified according to EN 12976

- Optimum black-painted collectors, enatech® enamel tank