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Our Products

+ Vacuum Tube
> One Pipes Inlet-Outlet
> Two Pipes Inlet-Outlet
> Double-Tank
> Direct Flow Tube Collector

+ Megasun
> Megasun 200 Liters
> Megasun 300 Liters

+ Flat Plate
> Standart Collectors
> Full-Laser Collectors
> Thermosyphonic series
> Vertical standart series
> Giga series
> Thermosyphonic water heaters
> Force-circulated water heaters
> Space & water heaters

+ Solar Street Lights
> Solar Street Lights

+ LED Street Lights
> LED Street Lights

Space & water heaters


HIGHER EFFICENCY: The energy is utilized instantaneously for space heating therefore avoiding high energy losses which is the main drawback of traditional heating systems

ECONOMIC: It requires 50% less intial inestment compared to other space heating methods

ALL IN ONE: Solar Kombiset is a compact system that comes with a full list of products and companents

AESTHETIC & SMART: Solar kombiset includes a sophisticated control board which is very user-friendly This control board is integrated on the storage tank.