Forced Circulation Systems

Ensure maximum performance with minimum cost with our high-standard forced circulation systems.

Why should we use a Solar Water Heating System?

A solar heating system is ecologically friendly. It is economical, simple to install, tasteful, effective and autonomous:

  • Ecologically friendly: with a forced circulation system Megasun 500 ltr. with 3 panel ST 2500 of 2.62 m2 /each system, the emissions of C02 avoided annually are equivalent to the fuel emissions of a car having run for 10.000 km
  • Economical: will decrease your cost for energy by 70 -100% because the burnerand electric resistance will not need to operate for at least 7-12 months of the year, depends on the sun radiation of each area and the size of the system.
  • Simple: The well-studied selection of materials of MEGASUN make. Its Installation safe and easy, reducing the time needed for its installation to a minimum.
  • Tasteful: The excellent exterior design of the MEGASUN collectors in combination with their well-studied support base, offer the possibility of a tangent Installation on tiled roofs matching aesthetically with every architectural building design.
  • Effective and Autonomous: You have hot water at will 7-12 months per year. During winter time you secure the pre-heating of the water, and the extra hot water needed is secured from conventional energy.

The forced circulation system MEGASUN consists of the following components:

  • Boiler with one tube heat exchanger (type BL1) or with two tube heat exchangers (type BL2) on a wooden palette and wrapped with stretch film.
  • One (1), Two (2), or Three (3) collectors which are protected during their transport with 4 plastic elbows of hard plastic.
  • Accessories (except pipes and wires), the hydraulic kit, expansion pot, differential thermostat, antifreeze liquid and various connection accessories.
  • Cardboard box with the metal plates of the support base, the screws, moly plugs, the bolts etc.

Forced Circulation Systems
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    Solar Collectors
    Flat plate solar collector, firmly built, of new technology suitable for all forced circulation solar systems.
    The production process and the raw materials that are used produce a high thermal energy efficiency even during periods with insufficient radiation.


    The MEGASUN solar collectors are produced in two sizes.The model ST-2000 (2,10 m2) and ST-2500 (2,61m2), with blue titanium selective coating, which can be used either in solo or in combinations to cover all of the requirements of solar systems.

    Basic Technical Characteristics

    • Frame made from anodized aluminum, which is extremely durable to adverse climatic conditions (high humidity - coastal areas).
    • Strong side and back insulation (20mm glass wool and 35mm rock wool), minimize thermal losses in areas with low seasonal temperatures.
    • Special prismatic glass, resistant to hale (solar tempered glass).
    • Absorber made from aluminium treated with a high selective titanium coating. The selective titanium coating is ideal for regions with high diffused radiation and low temperatures, absorbing up to 16% more solar radiation in winter months compared to simple black chrome absorbers. This method of coating is non toxic and does not pollute the environment, while keeping stable its mechanical and optical properties during high and low temperatures.

    Dimensions of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

      ST-2000 ST-2500
    Dimensions 2050 x 1010 x 90 2050 x 1275 x 90
    Gross Surface (m2) 2.10 2.61
    Capacity (L) 1.67 2.09
    Test Pressure (bar) 10 10
    Max. Working Pressure (bar) 7 7


    Flat Plate Solar Collector Models ST-2000 & ST-2500 SELECTIVES (Titanium)

    Solar Panel SelectiveSolar Collectors

    Technical Characteristics

    • Absorber: a unique sheet of aluminium
    • Thermal loss: 5%
    • Total thermal efficiency: 95% ± 2%
    • Total thermal losses: 5% ± 3%
    • Absorber a: 95%±2%
    • Absorber e: 5%±3%
    • Coating: selective titanium
    • Diameter of the horizontal tubes: (∅22mm)
    • Diameter of the vertical tubes: (∅10mm or ∅8mm)
    • Material: copper
    • Test Pressure: 10 bars
    • Maximum functional pressure: 7 bars
    • Material: heavy aluminum profile
    • Back insulation: 35 mm insulation
    • Side insulation: 20 mm glasswool
    • Material: solar tempered glass
    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Watertightness: joint EPDM and transparent silicone
    • Antifreeze: glicol appropriate for solar systems

    Support base
    The characteristics of the support base for the collector(s) with the ways of installation on the various types of roofs, are described in detail on the pages from No 23 to No 33 of the Technical Manual, "Installation Instructions".

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