Low Pressure Systems

Type Evacuated Tube
Pressure Unpressurized
Circulation Type Other
Heating System Thermosyphon (Passive)
Connection Type Direct-Plug
Certification CE, Solar Keymark, SABS
Model Number TZ58/1800-10,12,14,15,16,20,24,30
Recommend region Asia, Africa, Latin America

Key points
Inner tank: stainless steel SUS316-0.5mm
Vacuum tube: QB-AL-N/AL-47-1500/58-1800
Outer tank: painted steel-0.4mm/aluminum-zinc coated steel-0.45mm/stainless steel SUS304
Insulation: polyurethane
Frame: coated galvanized steel-1.5mm/stainless steel SUS430-1.5mm



The vacuum tubes trap incident sun rays, and convert it to heat inside the inner tube. Water, now being heated its temperature rises, density changes, and hot water sections rise through the tube to the top of the tank, while cold water from the bottom of tank replaces it in the tube, to start the cycle again. This natural cycling of water driven by temperature difference keeps water hot when stored in an insulated tank.

The solar water heater tank is a non-pressurized tank, and has an opening to the ambient atmosphere. Solar water heater tank should always be filled with water to avoid damage caused by dry high temperature working conditions. The stainless steel our use belong to food grade, and SUS 304 & SUS 316 have better corrosion resistance.
Thermal Performance The system passes over thermal performance test according to EN12976-2:2006-chapter 5.8, parts of the test conditions are listed below:
Model Ac*[m2] uc*[W/(m2K)] Us[W/K] Cs[MJ/K] DL[-]
TZ58/1800-12 1.145 2.758 1.766 0.605 0.301
TZ58/1800-14 1.347 2.758 20.60 0.706 0.301
TZ58/1800-16 1.527 2.758 2.355 0.807 0.301
TZ58/1800-18 1.589 2.758 3.298 0.898 0.352
TZ58/1800-20 1.916 2.758 2.943 1.009 0.301
TZ58/1800-24 2.298 2.758 3.532 1.210 0.301
TZ58/1800-30 2.874 2.758 4.415 1.513 0.301
Ac* [m2] effective collector loop area
uc* [W/(m2K)] effective collector loop heat loss coefficient
Us [W/K] heat loss rate of the store
Cs [MJ/K] thermal heat capacity of the store
DL [-] mixing constant, describing mixing effects during draw-off

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